Calling all Volunteers!

Please sign up to work at Trees & Trimmings by clicking on the button below. Thank you in advance for all of your help and hard work!

We couldn’t host such a festive and successful event without the help of our entire (and amazing!) school community.  Every family is required to sign up for at least two, 3 hour shifts.  If you can't not attend, please contact Kerry Grover (

For those on the first shift or are on the sub-committee, please arrive by 7:00 AM.  

For all other shifts, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift so you can be briefed on your particular volunteer requirements. Please check in at the Blended Learning Lab (Library) to get an apron and your name tag, before proceeding to your post.

Refreshments and lunch are provided for volunteers, in the kitchen.


If you are working outside, particularly with trees, please dress appropriately for the weather and tree sap!

We request that every family sign up for at least two shifts.

Thank you!