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Thank you for joining us at  Saint John School's
2022 Trees & Trimmings on December 3rd!

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Thank you for making the 2022 edition of Trees & Trimmings a success.


While we are still compiling all of the numbers, we we are already confident we have exceeded our budgeted financial goal for the event. The proceeds from Trees & Trimmings are used to support many of our PTO initiatives as well as for the general support of the Saint John School's operations. Of equal importance to the financial results, Trees & Trimmings proved to be a phenomenal community builder. It was great to see veteran and new families alike bond together in support of the Saint John School.


The success of this event could not have happened without so many contributions from our amazing community. 


Thank you to our Saint John School Community, parishioners, and our local neighbors.

We are so fortunate to have such a loyal customer base. Many of our customers have been supporting Trees & Trimmings for over 30 years. You come every year for more than just a tree and a wreath. You come to support a special tradition and the mission of the school. We are so grateful.


Thank you to our faculty, administration, and clergy.

In many schools, teaching is a job. At the Saint John School, teaching is a vocation. We are blessed and inspired by your tireless dedication to the school, our children and our families.


Thank you to all of our SJS Parent Volunteers and families. Thank you for donating your time, talent and treasure.

Thank you to all of the new families that were working the lot, or behind the scenes, for the first time. You are the future of Trees & Trimmings and we hope we can count on your help again next year. Thank you to our veteran families, some of whom may have worked your last Trees & Trimmings. We could not have pulled off the event without your experience and leadership.


A special expression of gratitude to Mr. Cronin and his crew of volunteer dads.  When you returned to school, you probably noticed that the mountain of mulch has been moved from the parking lot to the playground.  Moving 90 yards of mulch weighing several (100 lbs+) was no small task.  With the help of an excavator, five wheel barrow carrying dads, and the amazing Mr. Cronin we are one step closer to having a fully operational playground. 

Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you next year  at Trees & Trimmings on December 2, 2023!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The 2022 Trees & Trimmings Co-Chairs:
Andrea Belton, Joe Ganley, Mimi Littas 


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